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How Appliance Insurance Companies Help in Buying and Repairing

When it comes to the matter of home appliances, all of us take our time, think, and then make the decision according to our requirements. Being more careful in the whole buying process is important because, in the end, we are going to spend a hefty amount even on buying one appliance and then have to make sure that our investment stands the test of time as well. 

As you all are aware of how appliances come with a maximum 2-year warranty, this basically also means that if a fault occurs after that time period then you are on your own for home appliance repair and you may have to spend extra. That is exactly the point we want to save you from. 

There are certain appliances inside the house that can cost you a lot if you are on your own to repair them. Hence, we are proposing a solution to buying an extended warranty or insurance plans with a little extra cost (comparatively) so that you always remain financially covered. 

Here is why you should take advantage of the financial options for the big appliances. 


First and foremost thing, Television! It is that one appliance inside the house that runs almost for half of the day and with that much usage, it is bound to struggle after two years of its normal warranty period no matter how good the quality is. 

Normally, homeowners start to face display issues, sound failure, HDMI port malfunction, power button failure, etc right when the problems begin after the warranty period and as they call the customer service department, they only get delayed bookings or excuses that their warranties don’t stand valid for a particular service job or the period is over. This is where extended warranties or insurance plans come of great help because TV repair is going to be expensive, you can still keep yourself financially covered and won’t have to bear the additional burden all of a sudden with just one decision of buying the extended warranty at 5%-10% of the price of the TV. 


Another thing that we cannot possibly imagine our life without is the fridge. Typically, refrigerators come with a life span of 8-10 years. However, the warranty only stands valid for one or two years again (just like for most of the appliances) 

So whenever there is a valve failure, temperature adjustment malfunction, compressor malfunction or cooling issue you know that refrigerator repair in Miami is going to be very expensive – at least 20%-30% of the price of the fridge – and hence, it is in your best interest that you book for an extended warranty beforehand. 

Air Conditioner

The good thing about air conditioners is that they don’t break down more often. However, at the same time, when a problem occurs in an AC, you can expect a big bill – especially if the fault has occurred after the official warranty period. So, in this case, too, buy an extended warranty and enjoy the cool temperature at your home without any worries at all times. 

Washing Machine

This might be the last item in our list but washing machine repairs can sometimes cost more than 50% of the item price. Most of the time, it is difficult to find the right spare parts and if the machine is not fixed well by a professional then you are bound to bear more additional burden as well. 

Save yourself from the unnecessary burden of sub zero appliance repair and buy an extended warranty to live carefree days.

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